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Silver Shuttle is an exciting new transfer service for London Heathrow and other London airports for those living in or visiting London and South East England, and offers unbeatable prices with door-to-door convenience through online booking.

The hassle-free solution for families off on holiday
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The safe and easy solution for women travelling alone
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The money-saving solution for students travelling
on a budget
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The easy solution for the retired looking for savings and convenience
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Silver Shuttle - itís cheaper to share
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The cost-reducing solution for companies looking to economise on business travel
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Silver Shuttle - door to door service
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Whether travelling alone, on business, as a couple, small family or group of friends, Silver Shuttle offers great money-saving prices especially on its shared service options where similar journeys are matched together.  With such low prices, transfers to London airports now come within the reach of the most budget-conscious travellers who can benefit from a stress-free service without any of the normal hassles associated with getting to the airport.

Silver Shuttle will collect you from your home, hotel or office and get you to the airport on time, in comfort and with complete peace of mind.  No more worries about what time to leave, which terminal to go to and lugging heavy luggage around, and there are even ‘Best Price’ and ‘On Time’ guarantees.  See notes.

Online booking at is quick and easy, and provides one way journeys (to or from the airport) as well as return bookings, with three different levels of service:  SuperSaver Shuttle, Saver Shuttle and Standard Shuttle.  Alternatively, you can call +44 (0)330 223 0100.

SuperSaver Shuttle is the best-priced of the three service options, and is suited to those people who can be more flexible with their timings.  Journeys will almost certainly be shared with up to three other bookings, and the journey will take a little longer depending on the route.  Bookings need to be made by 2.00pm on the day before travel, with confirmation of actual pick-up times by SMS text messaging and e-mail by 6.00pm.

Saver Shuttle offers competitive pricing with a 50% possibility of sharing the vehicle with at least one other booking.  Ideal for families of up to four individuals and the more time-conscious travelling on a budget, bookings need to be made by 2.00pm on the day prior to travel.

Standard Shuttle is for individuals or small groups of up to eight passengers travelling direct to the airport (or vice versa) by car or MPV depending on the number travelling.  Savings of approximately 50% can be expected compared with a licensed London Taxi (Hackney carriage), and the deadline for booking is 8.00pm on the day prior to travel.

Example prices:
Central London* to Heathrow Terminal 1

SuperSaver          £24
Saver                   £30
Standard              £38
London taxi          £60 - £80

*Prices from Charing Cross

Clapham to Gatwick

SuperSaver          £32
Saver                   £41
Standard              £52
London taxi          £88 - £110

Hampstead to Stansted

SuperSaver          £42
Saver                   £54
Standard              £69
London taxi          £145 - £165

Silver Shuttle prices are for 2 passengers with 2 items of hold luggage
Taxi prices depend on the tariff and amount of traffic

As well as the simplicity and convenience of booking on-line, including a pick-up time calculator, the Silver Shuttle service keeps travellers fully informed by e-mail and text messaging.

Check-in luggage is charged separately and minor amendments can be made to the booking up to the booking deadline at no extra cost, after which there is a modest cancellation fee.

“Silver Shuttle has been designed to take the anxiety and hassle out of getting to and from the airport,” says James Stait, one of the founding directors behind the new service.  “Whether it’s about check-in time, which terminal to arrive at or your baggage allowance, there’s always so much to consider, so we ensure the journey to and from the airport is one less thing to worry about.  From clicking on the website to stepping out of the car, travelling with Silver Shuttle is a seamless and pleasant experience with excellent service at the heart of what we do.”

The company works with licensed private hire operators and provides reliable and experienced drivers with quality saloon cars or MPVs.  A ‘meet & greet’ service is provided for airport collections, and scheduled airline arrival and landing times are monitored so passengers can be reassured that the driver will be there even if their flight is delayed.  Full information is available on:

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To match the price offered by another operator, the Best Price Guarantee applies to the SuperSaver service for two passengers travelling with no more than one item of luggage each on journeys over 6 miles.  Prices must be for the same door-to-door journey at the same time and date, and for the same number of passengers and luggage.  Proof required.

The On-time Guarantee applies to all Silver Shuttle service options, and offers a 10% discount of the value of the journey, and is carried forward to the next booking if a pick-up from the airport, home, hotel or other location is delayed by more than 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.

To book go to: or call +44 (0) 330 223 0100

To download hi-res images via the Silver Shuttle online image gallery go to: Silver Shuttle Image Gallery

For further information:                        James Stait
                                                         Silver Shuttle
                                                         Tel: 07908 214518

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